Malaquita Design
Mezcal Shot Glasses

Have you ever heard of Mezcal? If you haven’t, you have been missing one of the most incredible gifts Mexico has given to the world.

The Mezcal comes out of the agave, just as other famous Mexican alcoholic beverages like tequila and pulque. The Mezcal agave grows in Oaxaca México, and its production process goes back to colonial times when the Spanish introduced fermentation technologies that mixed with Zapotec traditions.

The legend says prehispanic gods gave Zapotecs the agave plant and then sent a lighting that struck the plant and created the liquor. This is why Mexicans consider Mezcal a gift from the Gods.

In Mexico, there is only one way to drink Mezcal properly, and that is with a mezcalero, a piece of orange and prepared salt.

In Malaquita we believe in honoring the Gods that created Mezcal and our goal is to spread its magic across the world.

Have a drink of mezcal in our wonderful handmade Mezcalero’s and spread the magic.