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Whether it’s your hair, living room wall or your new tea set Soft Pink its the way to go this summer.

Seeing an abundance of rose quartz, one of two of Pantone’s Colors of the Year, designers have given the sweet shade a refreshing off-beat attitude.

At the top of our list are candy pink and baby pink. It’s refreshing, light and goes well with the shinny summer. Here are a few tips on how you can incorporate it to your everyday life:

Living room

If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, go all the way and repaint your living room to create a fresh and soft ambiance. This soft color acts as a neutralizer depending on the saturation you give it.


Pink is the color of sweet tender love , it calms and reassures our emotional energies. Spice up you room with a fresh pink bed cover; some cushions could do the job too 😉

Accent Pieces

If you want to keep it simple, you can always place accent pieces like a vase or an area rug just to add a sparkle to your home. Try adding flowers to contrast dark areas of the room; Pink Gerberas or tulips work perfectly.

Wear it

Don’t have time or money to do renovations at home? Fashion designers like Celine, Valentino and Balenciaga have followed this pink Summer Trend with playful sexy outfits. Nails, lipstick and hair are excellent ways to make this trend personal.


If a pink dress is not for you, you can incorporate basic pieces to your look wardrobe and show your style. Try a handbag, a scarf belt or shoes of different shades of pink.