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Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom is the most personal room in your house. It’s where you rest, connect and dream about life. There’s a good reason why people say that the way your bedroom looks is a direct reflection of your mind. By applying these simple ideas you can freshen up your bedroom and move positive energies around:

Bedroom Ideas

1. Update the paint job

A great and cheap way to freshen up your bedroom is to give it a new coat of paint. We recommend colors that allow the mind to rest, foster creativity and peacefulness. Light shades of blue, green, or gray are always a good option to get the job done.


Light Turquoise Bed Cover



2. Get fresh bedsheets and a cozy bedspread

Investing in good bedding can seem expensive but it’s worth it. You spend one-third of your life in bed, and a good night’s rest always brings positive outcomes.  For a deep sleep, make sure to get hypoallergenic bedding made with natural fabrics.


Bedroom Ideas

3. Set up the right lighting

Strategically placed lights make a huge difference when creating a beautiful bedroom. Try to go with warmer tones and direct lights away from your bed.  Finish the look with ambient lighting on your nightstands.

mexican rug


4. Add a nice rug

A lovely rug will definitely create a relaxing and finished look. It will also give you a warm sensation every morning when you step our of bed. Try to choose natural colors that compliment your bedding and wall paint. A good way to achieve the “magazine look” is to keep your bedding in neutral tones and make your rug and pillows brighter.


Adorable Indoor Ceramic Planter

5. Try new accents

No matter the bedroom style you prefer, a well-placed accent always makes a difference. Try to place it strategically. A good option is to use the wall directly facing your door or the wall next to a bright window. Go easy, they are called “accents” for a reason.


Bedroom Ideas

6. Try new curtains

Curtains have a great double function; they give you privacy and can totally change the look of your space. We recommend that you focus more on the design and not so much on the color. Neutral tones are better for curtains because they allow the eye and mind to relax.


Bedroom Ideas

7. Move things around

A simple yet effective way to make your bedroom’s energy flow is to move things around. You’ll be surprised how changing a few things will make you sleep deeper. As a good rule of thumb, always make sure your bed faces the door, directly or indirectly, and never place it underneath or directly facing a window.