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Element or Elemental Energy is fundamental at home to feel balanced and stable. Feng shui uses Elemental Energy all of the time. In this article we will give you tips about the 4 primary Elements.


Earth provides the stable environment from which all life springs, lives and thrives. Is the foundation of  all things and the receiver of the seed. I believe its the most important element to have present in your home, since the whole aspect of home is a place where you can ground and thrive.

Invoke for: wisdom, connection, abundance, grounding, support, growth, rebirth, money, security, feminine energy, strength

If you are moving or remodeling, this is the best element to start with. When this element is balances you will feel :

  • Stable, consistent, Hard-working, Loyal, Nurturing, Logical, Empathetic

When Earth is out of Balance you will notice:

  • Lazy, Scornful, Overly cautious, Stubborn to the point of impractical, Rigid

To Balance Earth in your home, incorporate plants with soil, wood in your furniture, utensils in the kitchen, wooden Art and all types of fabrics. Rugs are ideal for spaces to come together and ground, giving you a cozy warm feeling. Once you have selected the items that speak to you with an earthy voice, follow your intuition to find the perfect spot for each one of them.

Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn are Earth signs and its crucial to have this element balanced at home.

Here are some Earthy Recommendations:

Modern Ceramic Planter         Sunset Area rug



Water is the most abundant element in the world. Water creates movement


Invoke for: expression, intuition, dreams, creativity, nurturing, compassion, purity, healing, releasing, fertility

The Benefits you will feel when your Water Element is Balances are:

  • Understanding, Trusting, Devoted, Forgiving, Flexible

You will notice if this element is out of Balance if you are feeling:

  • Unstable, Prone to depression, Irrational, Gullible, Lack of self

You can incorporate Water element into your home in many ways, the obvious is having actual water flowing somewhere like a fountain  creating a beautiful sound.

Another way is having specific gemstones that connect to the water element like, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Lepidolite, Aquamarine and Fluorite.

Silver is also deeply connected to the Water Element, you could have Silver application to art pieces or Sculptures and in the Kitchen if you have Real silverware.

Check out our Water Mandala if you want a Water Element Charm.

colorful mandala

Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces are ruled by Water and its important to have this Element preset where you spend a lot of time.



Air is always present any where you go. Its the element of freedom. This element rules Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

Invoke for: inspiration, mind, thought, imagination, intellect, ideas, discovery, masculine energy, awareness

When in Balance:

  • Thoughtful, Witty, Charming, Care free, Independent, Flexible

When out of Balance:

  • Inconsistent, Insensitive, Selfish, Flaky, Dishonest

Air being ever present, and constantly entering our body through breath, has no need to be physically present, since its already here. With Air we work on being able to observe it or to remind us that its always here.

You can incorporate any kind of moving Mobiles and use them as a reminder to connect with this element. Air plants work perfect too and they combine the Elemental Energy of Earth & Air.

Check out our Terrarium collection, the perfect place for air plants.


The Element of Fire has great power for forging will and determination. It is our inner light as well as a living symbol of the Divine. It empowers transformation. Fire needs other elements to survive. While Air will make it grow, Earth will keep it burning steadily.

Invoke for: passion, movement, motivation, action, dedication, intuition, understanding, desire, possibilities, creativity, masculine energy

When fire is Balanced we feel:

  • Passionate, Bright,Charismatic, Focused, Decisive, Daring

When unbalanced:

  • Prone to anger and rage, Obsessive, Unfaithful, Jealous, Easily irritated

Bring Fire into your life with Candles, Any Volcanic Stone, Ceramic and Pottery are a good alley of all elements but is stronger with Fire and Earth.

Ruled by Aries Leo & Sagittarius

Rituals with fire involve burning incense and woods like Palo Santo.

Remember this balancing process happens within you while you explore the elements in your home, have fun with it and follow your intuition.

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