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Im exited to share this Article we wrote for Vision Book Magazine. Its a great tool to create the vision you want of your life and bring it to reality.

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Home is the gateway to our Unique Universe. It is my planet, where I can leave everything behind and walk into me.

Home is so much more than the objects within it. It is where all the elements conspire to make a flower bloom, to make me bloom. The correct balance of :

  • Air (movement)
  • Earth (rest)
  • Water (nurture)
  • Fire/ Sun ( warmth)
  • Aether (the community around you).

I love this metaphor, because we are a reflection of nature. If a plant is shadowed by its neighbors, it will struggle to get sunlight, falling into an imbalance of the elements needed to blossom. Nevertheless if it grows a little bit taller, feeds in different manners it will grow in a unique beautiful shape.

I’ve lived in so many houses and countries some being Europe and Australia as a result of a nomadic lifestyle for nearly 8 years, but they were not all homes. This taught me so much about myself and about the true meaning of home. Just like the gods created our planet, we create our home with that godly divinity. Putting thought, intention and magic in this physical space where our holistic being (body, mind and soul) can easily flow and grow cultivating new experiences.

I have incorporated a minimalistic style to my current home in Mexico City. There is so much space and it is so simple to clean, how did I not try this before?! Order is essential not just for our minds but for the energy we cultivate from it. A true home is one you can enjoy, not one that has you loaded with errands and no free time to just lounge like a lioness.

I am excited to do a little enhancement in my house inspired on my recent trip to Turkey. I was blown away with all the details they have in the ceilings and decided to add some color to my white house by painting a mural of the zodiac constellations in the ceiling of my living room. The stars have always spoken to me, and this experience is bringing me back to a mural I did at my Mom’s house when I was a teenager.  I painted the milky way seen from the cosmovision of the Quechua culture in Peru. Im very enthusiastic in finding this constants in my life and connecting with the Cosmos.

I invite you to get in touch with your intuition whom will guide you in creating the ideal habitat for you to be in a constant connection with yourself. Place reminders in the form of artifacts to aid in bring you back to who you are whenever you feel ungrounded.

Get inspired to learn about the elements at home, feng-shui or any technique that speak to you. But more than a method to follow…listen to your spirit.