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Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedrooms are the best place in every house, or at least, they should be. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, your center of inspiration or relaxation…

It must be the atmosphere in your home where you feel most comfortable and happier. But we know it´s not easy to have the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics, the key is to find the perfect decoration style for you.

Have you heard the phrase “the bedroom is a reflection of your daily life”? I prefer to change the phrase a little bit and say that it is not a reflection of your daily life, but of your personality.

Are you a very creative person? Are you minimalist? Do you like to keep everything in the perfect order? Do you care about the Environment? These styles will enchant you.

5 Stylish Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Let’s begin…

1- Create a Nordic style

For many years, the Nordic style has been cataloged as one of the best. This comes from (obviously) countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland; places where natural light is very scarce.

If you like natural elements, you will love this style. You can use elements such as small plants, wooden furniture or light and dark colors mixed.

If you have a wooden floor, this style will create a perfect harmony.

2- Less is More

The famous minimalist style that is trendy right now.

The only center of attention in your room is your bed. Many people love this style because it is an excellent combination of utility and aesthetics. Your bedroom will look more spacious than ever and clutter will seldom take place.

The main color is white. You can make contrasts with sheets, small pictures or decorative objects in dark colors such as gray and black.

The headboard practically does not exist in this style.

3- Make it look old

It’s time to take out all those old books that everyone saves. Libraries and dark wood furniture make an incredible contrast with the many-colored books.

You can mix the Vintage style with this one.

This style will create a cozy and classic atmosphere in your bedroom. An incredibly good idea is to buy an old typewriter and use it as decoration.

4- Stick to a Main theme

Using a main theme is a great idea. Many times colors or dimensions become less important because everything follows the same theme.

Your theme may be the Nautical for example, or nature. This is a very good idea to decorate the guest room.

The objective of this style is that all elements are related to the main theme.

5- Create a reading space

Your entire room can change if you add a space dedicated for reading. A comfortable chair or couch, a small table, a lamp and some books are enough.

Sectioning your house in different spaces for specific purposes is an easy and great idea. Your bedroom can become more than just a place to sleep.

This idea is very important for small rooms. With small elements, it can be created many different spaces.

Which Style Idea do you prefer for your room?

As you could see, there are many ideas and styles. The main objective is to achieve a comfortable and beautiful environment; a place where you feel really happy.

Remember that you can always play with styles, your imagination is your most important tool. Some rooms become wonderful places because they reflect the personality of the owner.

In Malaquita we have incredible decoration pieces for each of these ideas. What do you think if you take a look?