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Small Bedroom Design Ideas

This will be a very interesting article; because many people underestimate the importance of decoration in small rooms.

When your bedroom is not big enough, there are two options: either you hate it or you love it. Clearly, we all prefer the second option.

But to achieve love in a small room, you need to feel very comfortable and happy when you are inside of your bedroom.

What is the main problem? Of course, the main problem is the limited space available. Practically you have no other option when you are in your room rather than sleeping.

Because of that, we made this article…

7 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

This ideas will help you love your room.

1- Lighting is essential

Feeling locked is one of the biggest problems when you’re in a very small room; However, lighting can play you in favor if you know how to take advantage of it. Having a window through which natural light can enter is extremely important.

Play with light colors mainly. Your walls have to be painted white, since the darker colors are less welcoming.

Place lamps strategically in the corners of your room.

2- Mirrors are your best friends

This idea is quite common. Mirrors give a feeling of spaciousness inside every room. Even restaurants and supermarkets use mirrors to enhance the spaciousness of the space.

The idea is not to have many mirrors, since it would be really weird. But with only 1 full-body mirror will suffice to achieve the mission.

3- Create a focus of attention

This is an excellent idea to create a very aesthetic environment. The plants are an excellent focus of attention due to their varied colors. A painting, a vinyl, a photograph … these elements that capture the attention of the eyes serve to disguise the small space of your room.

4- Create intelligent storage places

If something can be missing in a small room, it is space. There are many objects that occupy space unnecessarily; shoes, clothes, backpacks … you can devise strategic places to store things that you do not use so commonly.

Under the bed is an ideal place. Buy some boxes of the same size and place them under the bed to store things you do not use very commonly.

5- Use comforting materials

Wood is an excellent option. Natural materials such as wood create a comfortable environment and relax. In addition to the colors make good contrast with the color of your walls, sheets, lamps, photos … which should be light colors.

6- Use an ingenious wallpaper

Following the same principle of the idea number 3, a suitable wallpaper and placed on a single wall can be an excellent option.

According to Homify, “Bervic Interiorismo when placing this wallpaper with drawer design, generates amplitude in the space , giving the impression of having a wall with storage space, this design looks elegant and distinguished. “

7- Use two pillows at most

Many people make the mistake of using cushions to decorate their bed. In my opinion this is a big mistake. In a small space, the cushions take up much more space.

One or two pillows is perfect for a comfortable and spacious bed.

Remember that space is your main objective. You can get to love your room if you find it very comfortable and you feel happy when you are in it. The most necessary elements to appear more space are mirrors, colors and lighting. You must never ignore these three ideas.

Comment: What ideas will you apply in your room?

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