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decorate a small bathroom

One of the biggest problems of decoration is small spaces; and what smaller room in your house than the bathroom.

Decorating your bathroom does not have to be a very complex task, but if there are keys you should take into account: Functionality, Aesthetics, Cleanliness and Amplitude.

Now the goal is to find different ways to decorate a bathroom and keep these three key concepts. Let’s go there.

8 Ways to decorate a small bathroom

1- Mirrors can never miss

Maybe you think: “Of course, the years should always have a mirror for people to see themselves in,” yes, that’s right; but another great function of mirrors in bathrooms is to create a feeling of spaciousness.

The bigger the mirror, the better.

2- Shower or bathtub?

When you have a small bathroom, the best option will always be the first. The bathtub takes up a lot of space in a bathroom, but the shower can create more space.

The shower can even be large, silver and will be aesthetically pleasing.

3- Forget the curtains

You should never put a shower curtain in a small bathroom. Yes, I know that the purpose is obvious, but if it is not necessary, do not do it. The curtains cut the shower space making the bathroom even smaller.

You can put a glass door or a transparent wall that are currently very fashionable.

4- Many corners

The straight lines and the 90 degree angles are excellent friends of the amplitude. Make sure that the mirror, the sink, the toilet and the pictures have straight lines. In addition, it always generates a cleaner feeling.

5- White is the best color

It is true that it is not mandatory; there are even many bathrooms that with dark and light colors create a magnificent harmony of colors. But the white color in the bathrooms makes a perfect connection with the key concepts that I mentioned earlier. Cleaning is essential in a bathroom, the white color represents this very well.

6- Ceramic is an excellent option for walls

When we talk about functionality and cleanliness, ceramics is your best resource. This material not only generates a feeling of cleanliness, but it is also very easy to clean.

7- Add small touches of colors

Another advantage of the color white, is that any other element that is of another color will stand out. The red and green are excellent to give a little life to your bathroom.

Towels, soap and some candles will look great in these colors.

8- Always choose to put plants

Interior decorators always recommend placing plants in small spaces. A small plant generates a feeling of comfort and relaxation in a small space.

Do not put plants like the captus.

Remember that the key concepts will always be these 4: Functionality, Aesthetics, Cleanliness and Amplitude. In each of these councils these concepts are covered. Make sure to avoid very overloaded environments, since you will generate a sense of closure.

Would you like to find the perfect decoration for your bathroom?