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mexican style

Mexican style is always welcome on special occasions. At parties, for example, decorating your home and creating a Mexican atmosphere will undoubtedly bring a happy atmosphere. So it is perfect to decorate your home “a la mexicana”.

But decorating your home with this Mexican style is not just about Mexican hats, maracas and skulls. Your house can have typical rock and rural elements of the Aztec and Mayan culture.

Next I will tell you some tips to decorate your house and that it has a vibrant Mexican style.

1- Flowers as a centerpiece

If there is something that Mexicans like and that they always use, they are flowers. It is very common in Mexico to put flowers as a centerpiece. The sempasuchis are an excellent option.

2- Your textiles must be Mexican

Another thing that Mexicans are experts in is creating textiles such as curtains, blankets, sheets … many colors and very original. This will bring an atmosphere of joy and party to your home automatically.

3- Rustic furniture and armchairs

Modernity and Mexican style can be carried by hands. Your furniture, armchairs and chairs should be of rustic and handmade materials. Fortunately, these are also very beautiful.

4- Clay pots and crafts

Another thing that Mexicans are experts in is sculpting handicrafts with clay. These crafts are very beautiful to put on the table as a decoration and place some peanuts and chips in them.

5- Keep a colonial style and strong colors

The colonial style is full of paintings painted or created by many of the painters of Mexico. In a home with a Mexican style strong colors stand out.

Also for the holidays, the Mexican hats, maracas, talaveras and other classic Mexican elements can never be missing. By the way, a Mexican atmosphere can never miss Frida Kahlo.

Are you ready to create the best Mexican style in your home? I have some things that could be very useful and great…

decorate your home with vibrant Mexican style