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The History of Mexican Pottery

Mexican Pottery, that material so commonly used by Mexicans today has a rather old history.


You are dealing with a material that is 30 million years old. If we take this fact into account, we can assume that Mexicans did not shape pottery but pottery shaped even the earliest meso-american civilizations.

It was a means to portray culture in pre-colombian societies. Effigy urns and vases depicted figures of animals that represent beliefs about the world that surrounded them. It seems as though our search for meaning has been an necessity of even our earliest ancestors.

A few thousand miles apart from central american communities, in 16th Century Talavera de la Reina in Castile, Mexicans exported the pottery to the americas by spanish monks. It was a type of maiolica earthenware, distinguished by it’s white glaze.


1- Hand Modeling: this technique is still used today because it is the simplest of all. It is about modeling or molding clay with your hands using your fingers as the main tool.

2- Rolls Technic: The result when using this technique was more resistant. It consisted of creating a flat ceramic base and then putting very thick rolls on top of each other until the desired height.

3- With molds: This technique is one of the simplest; they just created a mold and poured hot clay into it so that it is on cooling, adopting the shape of the mold.

In short, pottery has been present in Mexican history for thousands of years. Even today, this material continues to decorate Mexican homes. This is why we can conclude that this material has been key to the evolution of Mexican culture.