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5 Living Room Ideas (and mistakes to avoid)

The living room is the place we share more comfortably with our guests. This is why we want it to be a quiet place, to relax, read, have a glass of wine, unwind…

Sometimes it can be difficult to decorate it, because it’s challenging to make it cozy, well illuminated and feel inviting for your guests all at the same time.

To help you make the best choices I want to share with you 5 living room ideas and some mistakes that you should avoid.

1- Create a Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style is characterized as very relaxing. The wooden furniture is elemental to this style. Light colors create excellent harmony with a good amount of natural light that should enter through the windows.

DONT’S : Do ​​not forget to place some plants in your living room to bring natural contrast to you color pallet.

2- Quotes on the walls and artistic designs

This idea is amazing if you feel creative. You can place quotes about your favorite topics, but always include a phrase about love. Your guests will really admire your unique touch.

DONT’S: If you go for a phrase we recommend not adding pictures or other element to the wall. This will keep focus on the phrase, so try not to add distractors.

3- Use neutral colors and two that stand out

If you like to play with colors within a space, this is your moment. With your walls, sofa and shelves white or gray; You can add ornaments with two colors that inspire you and make you feel hugged in your space.

DONT’S: Be very careful with the plants, because if you choose two striking colors plus your plants, you will have three different colors. This doesn’t mean you can’t have 3 colors, just make sure all the colors you choose blend well with your plant friends.

4- Small and Minimalist

A living room should be cozy. Select carefully every item you incorporate to have few pieces that really speak to you. Minimalistic is not just about simplicity its also about value. Decorate only with items you really like and use regularly. Balancing an excellent game of light colors and interesting elements can create a very elegant atmosphere.

DONT’S: I do not recommend doing this style in cold weather.

5- Design Zhou

Taking wood into account as the protagonist of your decorating project will allow you to gain elegance and freshness in any environment. Plus the different shades and textures of natural wood bring diversity and dynamism.

DONT’S: Not so great if your living room is not well lit by natural light.

Remember that one of the main objectives of your living room is for it to be cozy for you and your guests. Play a lot with the illumination of spaces and color; that makes all the difference.

For each of these ideas we have incredible products that can bring a sparkle of magic into your living room. Take a look.