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Garage Designs

When we talk about the exterior of your house, the garage plays a main role.

It doesn’t have to unattractive; I know that cars are stored there and many people do not know that this space can be used if designed correctly.

Therefore we welcome you explore this projects, even if you don’t own a car, they will give you incredible ideas.

1- Sophisticated

This style was created by Homify. It’s all about mixing light colors with dark colors and playing with textures. For example, using ceramics for the garage floor is an excellent idea, since it creates contrast with the concrete of the street.

2- With a pergola

Designing a pergola-type garage area may be the simplest and most decorative option. Being an additional structure to the house, it’s integrated as an extension of it and adding wood brings warmth and elegance to a space that usually lacks aesthetics, turning it into an outstanding design.

3- With terrace

We have another good option for you. Create the garage on a terrace by extending its reach and also use a new structure as a fantastic garage for the home.

4- In a courtyard with volume play

In your home, beautiful and modern; you can play with large volumes that add the presence of glass, wood and concrete to give a spectacular result. Design the garage with good depth to perfectly protect the family cars.

5- With an acrylic arch

It’s a clear advantage to use the structure of the house to have a garage; but it is also possible to find an aesthetic solutions to give the necessary protection to the vehicles. The arch designed in steel and acrylic, manages to give the facade a modern look.

6- With remote control doors

In addition to the design and materials; there is also an important point that is the ease of access, so you can incorporate technology that gives you the greatest comfort: remote control doors.

Remember that your garage doesn’t have to be the ugliest part of your house. The facade is one of the most visual elements. Very important: Pay close attention to the ground; Install a resistant material that can be easily cleaned.