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How did the shot glass get it’s name

Shot, shot, shot shot! The famous cry that indicates that you must take the content in one gulp.

The shot glass is very popular all over the world because it is small in size and because it is used to drink beverages with a fairly high degree of alcohol.

Mainly this small glass is used to drink tequila; However, you can also drink other types of very strong drinks such as whiskey or ginger.

Where does the name come from?

Because the word is an English word, we can assume that it originated in the United States. At the end of the 17th century the word shot was used to describe the measure that indicated a small amount of some liquid.

But it was not until 1940 that they started calling this little glass “shot glass” because it was the same amount (45 ml).

Another reason why this glass adopted that name is because of the way in which drinks should be taken from that glass. Quickly and aggressively

Today, the shot glass is an incredibly popular glass. In countries like the United States and Mexico, it is mainly used to drink tequila.

It has also become a souvenir, many advertisers have taken advantage of this practical glass of shots.