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We are passionate promoters of handcrafted, Mexican designs. We believe that in sharing these age-old processes, we can add to a virtuous and sustainable circle of relevance for artisan work for many years to come.

Committed to exposing the human side of goods

Malaquita is the perfect encounter of artisan spirit and unique design stemming from traditional to more contemporary. We invite everyone to surround themselves with meaningful objects, knowing how they are made, where they come from and honoring the hands that make them come to life.

 All of our products follow three principles:






Malaquita started as a research project under the umbrella of a non-profit organization lead by founder, Claudia Martinez. She had a clear vision and intention to activate micro-economies in some of the most remote villages in Mexico.

Through the non-profit, Claudia discovered a unique network of hand-crafters and decided to organize a COLLECTIVE. This collective would combine talented Mexican contemporary artists with skilled craftsmen to create sustainable, unique, and exquisite pieces. Home decor treasures with a lively soul and loyal to Fair-trade principles.



MALAQUITA is the Spanish name for Malachite, the magical stone of abundance and transformation. 

Malachites have been used in Mexican jewelry for centuries for their protective powers and represent the union bridge between heaven and earth. For us, it is the quintessential lucky charm. Each stone is unique, beautiful and magical, just as the objects we bring into people’s lives.

Let’s nurture its magic and reveal it to the world.