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Meet the Aluxes, the Mayan guardian spirits.

Tradition says Aluxes were created out of clay to be the guardians of the jungle, the farmer's crops, and the animals.

There are representations of them carved in stone in different archeological sites, like the one below found in Yaxchilan, Chiapas. 


The small clay creatures were placed under a jungle tree or in a small kahtal alux, which means aluxe house, and received gifts from the people like food and water in order to protect the jungle or the crop. Sometimes when the creatures disappeared the Mayas believed they came to life.  

Nowadays the tradition continues, despite the modern times of skepticism people still believe in the protective powers of these magical creatures.  

In Malaquita we believe is important to bring with us the power of tradition and magic into our modern daily lives and always remember what is truly important.


 We encourage you to joins us for a special workshop and create your own Aluxe!



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