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Have you ever wanted to create something beautiful and unique with your own hands?
There are many different arts and crafts techniques to learn in order to do so, but block printing is surely the best one. Easy to learn, and incredibly fun to do! Resulting in a beautiful and unique print to use in many different ways. 
Invented in China in the Han dynasty, before 220 CE. Buddhism has been strongly associated with woodblock printing and spurred the printing culture of China for two millennia.


Woodblock printing has also been used in India for a long time to create beautiful and delicate patterns in textile. 


Nowadays, block printing can be practiced at home using materials that are easy to find. You can create any kind of image or symbol using a piece of linoleum and scratching the outline to create a pattern. 


The basic process is easy to learn giving life to an image, passing through the carved stamped and ending up in a lively pattern created in the fabric.



But it can also become challenging if you want to improve your skills and try out with more difficult and detailed images.



You'll be amazed by the things you can create with your own hands. Life becomes more beautiful when you bring to life beautiful objects that come directly from your imagination.



If you're ready to try this technique, join us for a special workshop at our Miami store!


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  • Posted On March 29, 2017 by Mathieu

    You have given very nice tips for creating unique prints. Also textile professional can market their textile prints.

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