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malaquita design

Summer Romero : Mexican-American fashion and textile designer and artist. She graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2008.

In 2009 she founded project TELAR (www.proyectotelar.com) through which she works and collaborates with various indigenous communities of Mexico using for the most part natural, organic and recycled materials, reassessing and exploring Mexican textile traditional art evolving it through contemporary applications. Everything is manufactured under the process she named Programming Aczión. Process that involves intention and meditation circles in the production process. 
Summer collections are atemporal, limited editions of one of a kind pieces. She creates each collection through the GAIANAUTA story, each chapter of the story represents a Collection of clothing , hats and accessories. She also makes costumes for musicians and exclusive and personalized designs for her clients.
Since 2007 Summer has exhibited in various galleries in Mexico and the United States creating unique shows and sensorial catwalks. 
She recognizes the connection between all and collaborates with other artists and indigenous artisans from diverse artistic practices to enrich each other and manifest the collective consciousness through co-creation, offering a unique garment that not only covers your body in a physical level but energetically as well. 

Summer also practices permaculture and gives Art Therapy, Orguantik gardening, Natural Dyeing and Meditation workshops. (www.tallershawe.com)

malaquita designmalaquita design

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