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Taller LU´UM is a creative project that focuses on producing interior design objects, developed by contemporary designers and crafters together using traditional Mexican techniques. Taller LU´UM has been working to become a cultural vector, but mainly to build itself as a bridge of collaboration and communication between communities, traditions, cultural identities and designers; and through it directing with this act the young creative practice to craft techniques developed in the country. What makes it unique is that its base of action is a plot of ideas having on one side the continuity of valuating the Mexican crafts, spreading the contemporary design concept and finally staying along the limits of sustainable development.
Among the goals that motivate Taller LU´UM is stimulating the production and marketing of design objects with handicraft features, with both utilitarian and decorative purposes, by a fair trade punctual scheme(Fair-Trade). So merging techniques and motifs used by Mexican folk art objects with quality finishes, modern design that also make use of procedures environmentally friendly, does not respond to a fashion trend, but a wider commitment spectrum, the formation of a harmonious commercial organization in both social and environmental levels, able to economically support itself through time. It also looks to encourage a potential specific market, the one that is financially able to acquire overpriced design objects the will benefit directly communities working under responsible environmental schemes.

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