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We’ve all heard the term “Go Green” so much at this point that many of us have probably forgotten the importance of the movement behind it. There’s so many different ways to make a conscious impact in regards to eco-consciousness though that the umbrella term seems almost too broad to make an impact on its own. Which is why we’re getting more specific and bringing you ten eco-friendly trends that will take hold in the future.


1. Fashion companies like Titania Inglis, Awakami Lab, Elroy, Loomstate, and Feral Childe are creating clothing hand-made in local facilities using recycled materials or sustainably sourced organic fabrics. Not only do they help support the local community and have a very low impact on the environment, they’re beautiful and affordable too.

2. Around the world small villages and big-time companies implement garden roofs and living roofs. These range from small homes in the Faroe Islands to Illinois’ City Hall and New York’s Rockefeller Center. These innovative roofs provide clean air, homes for animals, water absorption, insulation and a gorgeous sight from above.

3. Samsung has launched a phone made of 80 percent recyclable materials and a bio-plastic casing. It’s free of polyvinyl chloride and mostly free of brominated flame retardants, which Greenpeace and other organizations have lobbied against. Likewise Motorola and Sony Ericsson have released eco-friendly and recycled, biodegradable material cell phones.

4. Hotels in Seattle are going green with strategies of steam power and wood burning instead of fossil fuels; recycling paper, cans and glass; using uneaten food as garden mulch; cutting back on water and electricity usage; and allowing guests the option of re-using sheets and towels to reduce energy. Some are using green roofing and receiving Energy Star certification for their efforts also.

5. Solar Roadways–a start-up by an Idaho couple–plans to replace pavement and paint chemicals with solar panels and LEDs. Energy-saving, made of recycled materials, and able to detect animals and hazardous spills, the panels make it safer for both drivers and wildlife. Electric cars can recharge directly from the road also.

6. Burt’s Bees is one of several beauty companies providing makeup, soaps, moisturizers, and other skin care and body products made of 100% natural products such as beeswax, buttermilk, and berries as alternatives to harsher synthetic ingredients.

7. Sprout Pencils are made of sustainably-grown cedar wood with a seed capsule at one end. When you’re done using the pencil there’s no need to waste the material by throwing it away. Simply plant and water the biodegradable pencil stub and grow one of eight fresh herbs.

8. Companies everywhere are using more and more eco-friendly alternatives for their materials and simpler, streamlined packaging to consume fewer materials overall. Many like Voltaic Systems and Earthtech make portable solar chargers for powering up laptops, phones, cameras and more without ever having to use an electrical outlet.

9. A fifteen year old boy has invented a shoe that harnesses electricity just from the pressure of your own foot as you walk, and a seventeen year old girl has invented a dual electric generator and water purification device that requires no external power source, only sunlight.

10. And finally, The Bios Urn biodegradable container holds the ashes of a deceased person or pet with environmentally friendly soil and a tree seed, transforming loss into a new life. It can be planted in the ground or cared for within a home like a planter with an aesthetically pleasing design.

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