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If you would like to consume goods in a socially conscious manner, Mexican fair trade products are for you. When you buy Mexican fair trade goods from Malaquita Design and other organizations, you know exactly where they are made, who is making them and how your purchase can improve their lives. In a nutshell, Mexican fair trade products take the guilt out of consumerism. Let’s take a look at the specific benefits of buying fair trade goods.

Improving Quality Of Life

While Mexican free trade delivers high quality goods to residents of the United States and the rest of the world at affordable prices, it also improves the lives of those making the goods. If you’ve visited or researched Mexico, you know that there is widespread poverty throughout the country. Free trade agreements provide Mexicans with the opportunity to work for a living wage. They are provided with training, machinery and the opportunity to work. When you buy Mexican free trade products, you improve the lives of these workers as well as the facilities that they work in. The free trade movement is all about helping people help themselves.

High Quality Goods

The relationships between fair trade producers and stores allows for the creation of high quality goods. It’s hard to find better goods on today’s market.

Affordable Products You Can Feel Good About

Since fair trade doesn’t include middlemen or exorbitant marketing costs, the goods are affordable and the actual laborers receive a solid percentage of the money.

Re-Investment Of Profits

Fair trade profits are commonly re-invested in the communities where workers reside. This stimulates the local economy through community projects including education initiatives, health clinics and childcare services.

Vote With Your Dollars

When you support free trade producers, you are casting votes with your dollars. Instead of supporting corrupt regimes in Asia where there are few labor laws to protect worker abuse, you can support ethical commerce in countries that create free trade products. The manner in which you spend your money really can make the world a better place. You can influence legislatures around the globe to reconsider their attitudes toward labor laws. All government officials pay attention to how consumers spend their money. If consumers stop buying goods from countries that don’t treat their workers with respect, it would alter the social and political landscape in a meaningful manner.

Sustainable Goods


Plenty of fair trade members work with producers to create products with sustainability in mind. They go to great lengths to use natural resources in a responsible manner that preserves the planet for future generations.

A Mutually Beneficial Transaction

It is important for consumers to understand that fair trade organizations work with producers to decide on fair prices for both laborers, retailers and consumers. Mexican textiles and other goods are sold through Malaquita Design at a price that exceeds the cost of production. This allows the laborers who actually made the product to improve their lives. Their profits go toward accessing healthcare, obtaining a better education and consuming nutritious food.

Respect For Tradition

Free trade organizations encourage producers to develop goods based on unique cultural traditions.

A Starting Point

Many free trade organizations offer prepayments or loans to producers so that they can pay for the raw materials that are necessary to create goods. This financial foundation is critical to the success of many of today’s leading fair trade producers.


While other producers, corporations and governments don’t let the public see how they operate, fair trade members are completely transparent. Their business practices and policies are always available to the public.

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