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Garage Designs

6 Modern Garage Designs

When we talk about the exterior of your house, the garage plays a main role. It doesn’t have to unattractive; I know that cars are stored there and many people do not know that this space can be used if designed correctly. Therefore we welcome you explore this projects, even if you don’t own a ...

Mexican Living Rooms

4 Marvelous Mexican Living Rooms

Mexico is a country that inspires parties, joys and fun. Having a living room with these features is a great idea. Not only will you have a space in your house full of all these qualities, you will also be the most original of all your friends. That’s why I decided to introduce you in ...

How to decorate a guest room

How to decorate a guest room

Here you have a very clear mission: You need to make the guest feel at home. This time I will explain about the 4 things you should take into account when decorating your guest room. But first of all let me tell you that there are two options: 1- You decorate it following the style ...

The History of Mexican Pottery

The History of Mexican Pottery

Mexican Pottery, that material so commonly used by Mexicans today has a rather old history. History You are dealing with a material that is 30 million years old. If we take this fact into account, we can assume that Mexicans did not shape pottery but pottery shaped even the earliest meso-american civilizations. It was a ...

decorate a small bathroom

8 Ways to decorate a small bathroom

One of the biggest problems of decoration is small spaces; and what smaller room in your house than the bathroom. Decorating your bathroom does not have to be a very complex task, but if there are keys you should take into account: Functionality, Aesthetics, Cleanliness and Amplitude. Now the goal is to find different ways ...

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