Armadillo Case


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Black Ceramic Armadillo.

Use it as a Fun Snack display or to keep you Favorite Gems, use it a a jewelry box.

The sky is NOT the limit, be creative!


Length: 13 in.

Height:5.4 in.

Width: 4 in.


Armadillos are found exclusively in the New World, and there are about 20 species of them.

If there ever was a spirit animal that resonates with the Root chakra, Armadillo is the one.

Root chakra energy is all about grounding, safety, and security. With its portable armor and its ground-dwelling habits, this burrowing creature is definitely a security-oriented animal.

Some species can actually curl up into a ball. Others will press themselves into the ground when threatened, protecting their soft, vulnerable underbellies. On the other hand, Armadillos are fast runners (up to 30 miles per hour!) and will also sometimes jump several feet straight up into the air when startled. This can be a super effective strategy when they are faced with a coyote or dog.

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Dimensions15 × 6 × 5 in


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