Calakmul Candleholder


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Geometric wooden candle holder made of carved wood from Calakmul, Campeche by Indigenous Mayan communities.

Includes 1 candle made 100% from bee’s wax served on a dehydrated orange skin.

100% sustainable

Malaquita – Calakmul was born as a collaboration between Mexican designers and Campeche artisans from the Calakmul region in Campeche.

Their simple but intimately detailed designs are a byproduct of the dedication and love these people put into creating high-quality fancy products.

Malaquita Calakmul products are built with wood collected by artisans as they walk through the wild Tzalam woods, where the sun shines on the forest floor; no tree is cut in this journey. This uncut wood is processed under the milky night to awake Calakmul’s energy.

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