Yellow Mexican Rug

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  • Lenght: 9.75 ft.
  • Width: 2.58  ft.

Beautiful Yellow Mustard Mexican Rug. Hand knitted in pedal loom with 100% wool and dyed naturally with pigments from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Place it on your hallway or long areas and see how your space brightens up. Striped with natural tones of yellow, orange, brown, and blue.

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Mexican Rugs are famous for its dedicated work and bright colors. We use natural pigments in order to create this earthy colors.

This striped area rug is perfect for entrances and long spaces. Place it in your hallway and see how your house brightens up.

Zapotec artisans use rudimentary techniques inherited from ancient civilizations to produce pigments in order to dye the wool.

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Weight4 lbs
Dimensions14 × 10 × 4 in


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