Mopan Flower Pot

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  • Height: 10 in.
  • Width: 9 in.
  • Length: 9 in.
  • Weight: 1.4 lb.



Deer shaped ceramic flower wall vase.

Liven up any indoor space with this unique Ceramic Deer Plant Pot from Santa Ursula, Mexico City. The deer is a mythical animal for many Mexican cultures:

For the Huichol people, the deer is a guide and a protector.

For Mayan, is an animal tied to nature cycles.

For the Tzotzil, the deer is linked to fertility and fecundity.

And between Nahuales, it is the symbol of rain.

This indoor hanging planter captures this essence with a geometric abstraction that will brighten your flowers and plants. 

Mecate is a project that stems from the reinterpretation of the traditions, involving the transformation of materials, the ceramic opulent mechanism as one of the techniques practiced in Mexico.



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