Aluxe Guardian Big 3

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  • Height: 12 in.
  • Wide: 5 in. 


Incense diffuser made of clay in San Jacinto.

This Magical charm will protect your home while serving as an INCENSE DIFFUSER. You light it up and the smoke comes out of its little mouth!

It has a copper spiral inside its body to bring continues movement of energy to your home and a Zirconia gem in its third eye to guide your intuition.

Aluxes are magical creatures the Mayans brought to the physical world by creating a small clay figure in a private ceremony where the person making it becomes his master by pouring nine drops of blood over him, from then on, the Alux would guard crops and cattle. The master must give him offerings to continue doing his job, 

Just like aluxes were believed to guard Mayan sacred places, these magical creatures will guard the space you give them at home.

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