Banana Leaf Print Platter

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Banana leaf clay platter from Pachuca, Hidalgo. (Set of 5 Plates)

Tradicion Mexicana is a collection of utilitarian ceramic vessels in which the artist has created a visual and tactile narrative about the culinary syncretism in Mexico. In this collection, the creole plant species used to season food since Pre-Hispanic times have been printed as fossils over the wet clay. Each piece is unique, and has been hand-sculpted and heated to a temperature of 2180 C.

The production of Sol-Cermica is the result of a deep research of the techniques and the experimentation with local materials. Several kinds of clay from Pachuca, Veracruz and Puebla were used for the elaboration of high-temperature glazes, traditionally used by potters for the creation of low-temperature comales (hotplates), flowerpots and bricks. It was also used volcanic sand from the Pico de Orizaba and hashes from the Popocatepetl, so she could create several glazes and textures in the porcelain.

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