Veronica Table

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  • Weight: 11.02 lb.
  • Height: 23.23 in.
  • Length: 19.29 in.
  • Width: 5.12 in.

Folding Wood Coffee Table made of pine, walnut tree and false tamarind wood in Hidalgo, Mexico.


This gorgeous Folding Wood Coffee Table made with a mixture of 3 different types of solid wood materials and leather straps represent the artist's idea of incorporating different elements that come beautifully together into an artistic composition that symbolizes our Mexican amalgamated and mixed-race beauty.

The perfect marriage of pine, walnut tree, and false tamarind wood represent a meaningful percentage of each one of these wonderful materials.The artist's creativity reflects a polifacetic and modern use of wood and this results in an alluring piece that can blend in your home and become part of your own personal family history.

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