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Made ofξ hand knitted wire.ξ Mexico City.

Once upon a time somewhere in Mexico City, lets say in la Colonia Obrera, standing before a sink on a roof, she washes the dishes. In laξColonia Jard’_n Balbuena, in the hallway, she mops the floor. In a living room of la Colonia Guerrero, she irons her sonŠ—Ès uniform. And in la Colonia Tasque’±a, at quarter to one, she cooks. They all dream. The next day, the same usual activities happen all over again and money, as always, is never enough. The routine is the sting line of each story. A perpetuate line that is never-ending. All of a sudden and eventually, the line gets lost, explodes and takes on meaning, self-proclaiming a new way of doing things that demands its own space. You have to turn the wire! She imagines. They are all creators. For each knot a world, a wish and a better life.ξGira, Girando, Griralambres, Girasol en la trama de este objeto me encuentro yo (Turn, turning, wire-turner, sunflower. In the story line of this object is where I am).

Weight: 4.41ξlb.

Height: 47.24ξin.

Length: 11.81ξin.

Width: 11.81ξin.ξ

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