Fluorescent Curtains

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Made of textiles. Oaxaca, Mexico.

Colourful vibrant textiles. Powerful designs delighting senses, especially the eyes, as a stairway to heaven. People in the region of Teotitl’?n del Valle, Oaxaca; have passed through generations the legacy learned from their ancestors zapotecas, a millennial technique that allows them to take nature into their hands creating astonishing textiles with patterns that reflect their culture and spiritual life

A picturesque scene of a garment dyed by the spirit of the nature. The natural pigments used to color their lives, fulfilling their hearts with pride and purpose, encouraging them to keep on with this meticulous labor that strengthen the bow between them, their ancestors, nature and its culture. A very old tradition speaking a thousand words. It has become a part of who they are, where they come from and the path they have chosen. A magical connection between the essence of nature and their past.

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