Lava Dishes and Candleholder

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Set of 3 dishes 


  • Length 5.5 in
  • Width 5.5 in
  • Height 3.2 in


  • Length 10.6 in 
  • Width 6.6 in
  • Height 3.2 in 


  • Length 48 in 
  • Width 48 in
  • Height 3.2 

Made of volcanic stone in Tonala, Jalisco.



Carved in volcanic Stone, illuminated by a brass accent, this set of plates reenacts our roots in a contemporary proposal.

Volcanic rock is a witness to the power of nature: hand-polished by craftsmen with a millenary tradition, its unruly nature is transformed into a sensible and human object. With their dual texture, the collection of Lava plates is as much an homage to Mexican tradition as it is a glance in the direction of modernity. A brass accent completes the harmonious balance and reveals that Lava plates are as decorative as they are functional.

In the hands of the craftsman who caresses and polished it the wild stone texture becomes a sensible and human object. Sculptural display that supports a living light throbbing in the shades.


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