Candela Table Lamp

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  • Height 9.9 in.
  • Width 8.3 in.
  • Length 8.3 in.


What happens if it arrives broken?

We will ship you a new one for free.

How many bulbs does the lamp have?

Just one bulb.


Mirror and brass triangle table lamp made in Mexico. 

This triangle mirror table lamp is the perfect combination between technology and comfort due to the mirror effect; the reflections of the one bulb in the center creates a room with dynamism and elegance.

In Candela Table Lamps the antique finish found in brass casts a soft glow as light reflects off one lightbulb of the surrounding mirrors as a beautiful shine.

These brass designer fixtures come in a myriad of styles and create a focal point in any room eliciting a cozy yet sophisticated feeling.


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