Yellow Mustard Carpet

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Mustard Yellow Carpet 100% wool with natural pigment dye, made in pedal loom in Oaxaca, Mexico.

In the valleys of Oaxaca proud and magic hands follow a millenary process legacy of their ancestors, in which step by step they pridefully instill love and tradition in these incredible rugs displaying their cultural wealth.

In love with the wonders of nature these artisans use rudimentary techniques inherited from ancient civilizations to produce pigments, especially the cochineal, to dye the wool obtained and processed locally, and then move to the final stage where the magic is created.

Unhurried and full of inspiration artisans weave these rugs by hand with mystical figures taken from the Zapotec culture, in a slow but synchronized dance of the fingers resulting in colorful elaborate patterns reminders of the Zapotec culture.


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