Diario Tray

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Set of 4 handwoven round wicker trays, dyed with natural pigments in red, green and blue degraded colors.

  • B1: Diameter 9.9 in x Hight 1 in.
  • B2: Diameter 8.7 in x Hight 1 in.
  • B3: Diameter 6.8 in x Hight 1 in.
  • B4: Diameter 5.7 in x Hight 1 in.



These colored round wicker trays are made in Tlamacazapa which is a small Nahuatl community in the mountains of Guerrero, México, where skilled women hand-weave palm to make redesigned modern and practical objects.

Without running water, people from this town walk up to 3 miles to collect water from wells. The scarceness of the vital liquid has defined the way they dye baskets by recycling dyeing pigment to naturally create a charming color gradient in basket sets.

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