Merida Chair

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  • Weight: 20.94lb.
  • Height: 36.61 in.
  • Length: 29.13 in.
  • Width: 25.29 in.

Outdoors Woven White Chair Made of welded steel and fishnet in Hidalgo, Mexico.


This striking chair offers you quality moments of comfort and relaxation. It is inspired in Mexican hand-made hammocks called Hamacas, found in the region of Merida.

The word hamaca means fishnet and if you watch one carefully you will see why. Handmade hammocks like these are traditional items so important for the Caribbean people that you can see them in the heart of every home in the Yucatan area.

Sitting on such a beautiful chair creates a protecting and enveloping sensation that brings you back in time. With this piece of unique design, you will create a gentle and warm atmosphere at home, allowing you to slow down, sit back and unwind.


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